ForestWander Nature Photography

ForestWander Nature Photography

As ForestWander and his son travel through the forests there are many encounters that they find throughout the forests of West Virginia. Little known areas that conceal magnificent waterfalls and stunning views of the high reaches in the Monongahela forest. Sites such as help to give others the opportunity to view these wonders of creation from their home.

Areas of topic are…

Dolly Sods Wilderness

Dolly Sods wilderness area is by far the most unique area of West Virginia as there are no other places in the state that have the same terrain, views and abundant wildlife. Dolly Sods has been an unaccessible part of West Virginia until modern times because of the ruggedness of the terrain and inaccessibility. Even today as it is very remote and hard to find, few know about the beauty of this area.

Abundant wild flowers grow rampantly throughout the highland plain areas that mimic Alaska’s wide open reaches. Wild azaleas and wild rhododendrons abound in this area where nature also provides fields and Fields of wild blueberries for the multitude of bears in the region. A lover of nature could easily spend the rest of their life in this mountain range.

Throughout the mountain range in the Dolly Sods wilderness are dozens of marked trails with maps for the explorer. These trails lead into the rugged country where all types of wildlife can be seen. Whitetail deer, Black bear and Bald Eagles abound in this area that is almost untouched by mans hand. The trails lead deep into the wilderness where you can camp and commune with nature like never before. Make sure that you have an ample supply of water and supplies before you hike into the back reaches of the mountains here. You are at least 30 miles from the nearest town or city.

The views from the high mountain reaches are like none other in West Virginia. The ranges extend for miles and miles, as your breath is taken away looking across the reaches of the wide open sky. You can actually see storm clouds gathering and dropping rain in one area and another area that the sun is shinning as a rainbow forms right before your eyes as you are standing at the peak of the mountain range. Magnificent rock formations area a child’s playground as you climb over and under the rocks formations that have no doubt been there for thousands of years.

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Next time we will continue describing the rest of the areas as we wander through the forests.

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