Digital Photography Image Composition Tips

Digital Photography Image Composition Tips

Image Composition is as vital to photography as the final outcome itself. While a poorly composed image appears cluttered without any focus, a well composed image results in a stunning picture with a clear focus on the subject matter.

For digital photography beginners, image composition is a vital skill to learn. But the fact that makes it difficult to learn is the divergent views that experts may have for similar sets of results. Indeed image composition is as much an individual choice as it is common sense. No two digital photographers would agree to same image composition and final result.

Nevertheless you can improve your photographs if you follow some simple tips. Here are the top digital photography image composition tips:

1) Shoot from different heights – This helps when you are shooting a subject matter that is not of your height. If you are taking picture of kids or pets, then instead of shooting a picture from above take the camera to their level and then take the picture. Remember the best pictures result when you give utmost importance to the subject matter. This is a great way to capture unusual expressions, twinkle in the eye and so on.

2) Remember the “Rule of Thirds” – It if one of the most basic rules in photography and art. While composing a picture draw imaginary horizontal and vertical lines dividing the image into three parts. Then compose your picture such that you place the most important elements where these imaginary lines intersect. People who follow this rule get stunning results regardless of the camera they use and other prevalent conditions.

3) Have an eye for detail – Get as close to the subject as you can. When you see things through the little viewfinder of your camera, your mind tends to see things bigger than they really are. This results in images that have lot of wasted space especially in the corners. Not everyone wants to see the background and other vague details. Focus on the subject matter and get great results.

4) Use a frame – A frame can turn an ordinary picture into an amazing one. Use an object that is present in foreground to create the frame. Some materials that make for great frames include window frames, arches, doors, overhanging tree branch, row of trees and so on.

5) Use Contrast – Use light on dark or dark on light kind of arrangement to highlight your subject area. Apart from offering a solid focus on subject matter, this type of composition results in stunning pictures as well.

6) Do not shoot an object, shoot appearance – It is easy to shoot an object; it is very difficult to shoot an appearance. Professional photographers try to get the best appearance under challenging conditions. While composing a picture try to see the results with different angles, distances, height, lighting conditions to get good appearance.