Boudoir Photography Makeup Tips and Trends

Boudoir Photography Makeup Tips and Trends

Boudoir photos are sexy images taken in a bedroom type setting. Makeup is sultry and sexy. A lot of professional photographers have makeup artists, but whether you hire someone to do your makeup or do it yourself read on to find out boudoir makeup tips and trends.

The first thing you need to understand about makeup done for any type of photography, including boudoir, is that it needs to be applied slightly more intense than what you want it to look like in the final pictures. This is especially true if your photographer is using flash or studio lights. Lights tend to wash out the look of the makeup. You will need to apply colors a little darker and heavier than you normally would.

Find makeup looks you like in magazines or catalogs. Maxim and Victoria’s Secret will have good examples of sexy makeup. You are not looking for everyday or even red carpet makeup looks. You can show the images you find to your makeup artist or tape them to your mirror as you are applying your own makeup for inspiration.

The eyes are very important and a lot of sultry looks really emphasize the eyes. Try a smoky eye with a lot of eyeliner and dramatic lashes. Smoky eye makeup colors can vary depending on your eye and skin coloring. You can blend navy blues and silvers for blue eyes, purple and black for brown eyes or browns and blacks on green eyes. To get fluttery flirty lashes most professionals apply false eyelashes. Strip lashes or individual fake lashes can be used depending on how dramatic you want the look to be.

Avoid glitter eyeshadow (although shimmer is okay). It doesn’t photograph well. The effect of the glitter won’t translate to a still photo and will appear as just specks of white on your eyelid. Avoid glittery bronzer and blush as well for the same reason.

Lips are the next most important feature. For a contemporary look try a nude lip. Don’t confuse this for bare lips. You will need nude lipstick with lots of gloss. Make sure to line your lips in matching nude color to make them appear as full as possible.

Red lipstick is very classic. The modern red lips are full and glossy, not matte. Try deep wine colors if bright red is too daring for you.

Pink lipstick can be very pretty. Make sure you keep it sultry with lots of gloss. A dab of lighter gloss in the center lower lip will give your mouth a pretty pouty look.

Make sure to use a powder designed to minimize shine. Flash photography can make you look shinier than normal and that isn’t sexy. Blush should be blended very well so you don’t have obvious lines.

If you are doing your makeup yourself make sure you do a trial run so you can practice applying it for the look you want. If you have a makeup artist doing your makeup make sure you communicate what you are looking for. Bringing in the pictures you found will help her create the sexy look you want for your boudoir pictures.